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Lead Free Paste
Item Code M02O-004 M02O-006 M02O-007
Model OM353 OM385SM OM234HF
Soler Alloy SAC305 (95.5 Sn/3 Ag/0.5 Cu)
Powder Size Type 4 (20~38 ㎛) Type 5 (15~25 ㎛) Type 6 (5~15 ㎛)
Melting Point (°C) 217~220℃ 217~220℃ 217~220℃
Packing type Jar Jar Syringe (10 cc & 5 cc)
Features ·Long stencil life
·High tack force life
·Wide reflow profile
·Excellent void performance
·Long stencil life
·Long & High tack force life
·Reduced random solder ball
·Good void performance
* Halogen zero


Lead Free & Low Temp Paste
Item Code M02O-001 M02O-005
Model OM-520 OM-525
Soler Alloy 47Sn/57.6Bi/0.4Ag SAC305 (95.5Sn/3Ag/0.5Cu)
Powder Size Type 3 (25~45 ㎛) Type 5 (15~25 ㎛)
Melting Point (°C) 138℃ (near eutectic) 140℃
Packing type Jar Jar
Features ·Reduce energy consumption
·Meet IPC 7095 (Voiding performance) CLASS Ⅲ
·Reduce reflow process cycle time
·Use of less expensive PCB
·Reduce energy consumption
·Reduce reflow process time
·Potential elimination bar solder
·Deliver 8 + hour stencil life
* Halogen zero


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