ESD Chemical Resistant Fabric

ESD Chemical Resistant Fabric

ESD Chemical Resistant Fabric(FCRF) is ideal for Clean room  environment, especially where there are chemical related products are used and handled. There is special PU coating on ESD Clean Room Fabric, and we do laminating thin chemical-proof film on the top of the coating to achieve maximum chemical resistant properties. The ECRF can protect people from and potential risks to be exposed in dangerous and harmful chemicals and will also provide you with particle and ESD safe working circumstances at the same time.

We can make several finished products with ECRF, such as ESD Arm Sleeves, ESD Apron, ESD Open-back coat, etc.


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esd chemical resistant fabric

Test Warp Weft Unit Test Method
Yarm PFY 75D PFY 100D Denier
ECF F-901 Resist BASF
Density 192 92 Threads/Inch
Weave 1/2 twill (5mm grid)
Dimension 58″ / 60″ inch x yd
Weight 130 GR/SQMT
Surface Resistivity 10e6 – 10e7 Ω/SQ ASTM-D257
Resistance to Liquids 1. Sulfuric Acid : 94.5 % ISO 6530-1990
2. Hydrochloric acid : 96.5
3. Hydrogen Peroxide : 98.2
4. Methanol : 89.3
5. 50% NaOH : 98.0
6. Toluene : 91.5
7. Acetone : 85.6