Conductive Fabric

Conductive Fabric

Polstar Cleanroom Fabrics is primarily composed of high multi-filament polyester and carbon filament yarn to insure maximum protection against particle contamination and ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD).

The Polstar design did not neglect to consider salient concerns of the worker including air permeability, wearability and durability.


  • Over 60 different fabrics
  • Immediate delivery from our stock
  • Strict quality control from our profound knowledge and wide experience
  • Continuous development to meet customer's new requirement
  • Additional treatments, such as Silicon free, Teflon, AEGIS are available.


  • Electronic and semiconductor Industries
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Food Industry
  • Paint Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
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Yarn (Denier) ECF Density
Weave Width
Warp Weft Warp Weft
MDF-150 PFY 75D PFY 75D F-901 BASF 32 45 4Bar Net 58″/60″ 165 10e6 – 10e7
MDF-152 PFY 75D PFY 75D BASF 24DTEX 25 36 4Bar Net 58″/60″ 100 10e5 – 10e6
MDF-153 P/F 50D P/F 50D BASF 24DTEX 28 42 4Bar Net 58″/60″ 80 10e5 – 10e6
MDF-155 DTY 75D DTY 75D F-901 BASF 30 56 4Bar Ne 58″/60″ 155 10e6 – 10e7
MDF-156C T/C 20’S PHY 300D F-901 BASF 88 48 1/2 twill 58″/60″ 170 10e6 – 10e7
MDF-250 PFY 75D PFY 75D F-901 BASF 28 28 Pique 70″/72″ 148 10e6 – 10e7
MDF-270 Cotton 104D PFY 100D F-902 BASF 28 28 Pique 73″/75″ 174 10e5 – 10e6

① Cleanroom garment
② ESD Lab coat / T-Shirt for electronic and semiconductor industries
③ Pharmaceutical industries
④ Food industry
⑤ Paint industry
⑥ Underwear
⑦ Hospital