Polstar PVC Curtain Film

Polstar PVC Curtain Film is flexible transparent film with ESD control properties, which is made of durable PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride). This soft PVC film is easily joined by high frequency welding. Its ESD control properties, that generate much less friction electrostatic equipment, portable windows, etc. in many areas, such as Cleanrooms, laboratories, inspection, assembly, electronics, printing, painting, precision tooling, pharmaceutical, medical, food processing and so on.

  • Antistatic, static dissipative or conductive
  • Extremely low electrostatic generation
  • Dust and particles are not accumulated
  • Clear transparent for good visuality
  • Not tore easily, durable and long lasting
  • Flexible and soft for efficient production
  • Conductive print are not removed easily
  • Various thicknesses and sizes are available
  • Individual carton packing in roll
  • OEM brand can be printed on request
  • Door strip, soft wall, partition, curtain in Cleanroom
  • Portable window and partition
  • Precision equipment and machine cover
  • Shielding and blocking partition
  • Reduction of noise
  • Protection from insects
  • Screen door or window
  • Reinforcement of existing window or partition
  • Reduction of harmful ultraviolet ray
  • Other applications to control electrostatic problem
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P-PGF (ESD Grid Curtain Film)

Specially formulated conductive carbon printed on normal transparent PVC film in grid. The Surface resistance of the conductive carbon print is 10e4-10e6 ohms. This model is the most widely used thanks to its economical cost.


Item Code M05Y-004 Polstar-PGF 0.3T×1370×30
M05Y-009 Polstar-PGF 0.5T×1370×20
M05Y-011 Polstar-PGF 1T×1000×20
M05Y-013 Polstar-PGF 0.3T×1370×50


P-PCH (ESD Clear Curtain Film, Homogeneous Type)

Homogeneous type of antistatic transparent PVC film is all antistatic on both sides and its ESD control properties remain permanent. This shows volume resistivity as well as surface resistivity because of homogeneous antistatic constitution. The surface resistance is 10e8-10e10 ohms and the volume resistance is 10e7-10e8 ohm.


Item Code M06Y-002 Polstar-PCH 0.3T×1370×30
M06Y-006 Polstar-PCH 0.5T×1370×20
M06Y-010 Polstar-PCH 1T×1200×20
M06Y-014 Polstar-PCH 2T×1200×10


P-PGB (ESD Opaque Black Grid Curtain film)

This is not homogeneous antistatic constitution, but specially formulated conductive carbon printed on black PVC film in grid. The surface resistance of the conductive carbon print is 10e4~10e6 ohm and the base film is opaque in black. This is good recommendation for shielding screen effect with conductive ESD control properties.

Item Code M09Y-001 Polstar-PGB 0.3T×1370×30



P-PUH (ESD UV Clear Curtain Film, Homogeneous Type)

Homogeneous yellow tinted antistatic PVC film for the protection of harmful ultraviolet ray. This orange tinted film is UV protection treated and the base film is antistatic of which surface resistance is 10e8-10e10 ohm. This is to absorb ultraviolet rays and not to accumulate dust and particle by eliminating of electrostatic.

Item Code M07Y-001 Polstar-PUH 0.3T×1370×30



P-PAH (ESD Adhesive Curtain Film, Homogeneous Type)

This homogeneous antistatic transparent film has adhesive layer. After removing of the protection film, this can be adhered to any insulated walls, windows, partitions or other materials that might have problem of ESD control. This homogeneous antistatic transparent film reduces higher electrostatic generation and protects from accumulation of dust and particles.

Item Code M11Y-001 Polstar-PAH 0.2T×1200×10



P-PBH (ESD Opaque Black Curtain Film, Homogeneous Type)

Homogeneous black antistatic film. This is opaque type in black for shielding screen effect. The surface resistance is 10e8~10e10 ohm. This is mainly for the application of visual protection.

Item Code M10Y-001 Polstar-PBH 0.3T×1370×30



P-PGG (ESD Opaque Black Grid Curtain film, Both sides)

Specially formulated conductive carbon printed on both sides of black PVC film in grid. The surface resistance of the conductive carbon print is 10e4-10e6 ohm on both sides and the base film is opaque in black.

Item Code M09Y-002 Polstar-PGG 0.3T×1370×30
M09Y-003 Polstar-PGG 0.5T×1370×20




Electrical Properties
P-PUH P-PGF P-PGB P-PGG Unit Test Method
Front 108~1010 108~1010 105~108 105~108 105~108 ohm ASTM  D-257
Back 108~1010 108~1010 > 1011 > 1011 105~108
Volume  Resistance 107~109 107~109 > 1011 > 1011 > 1011 ohm ASTM  D-257
Front < 100 < 100 < 1000 < 1000 < 1000 voltage Electro Static Field Meter
(10times rubbing by cotton,
23℃ × 24%RH)
Back < 100 < 100 < 1000
Decay time 5000V – 500V < 0.5 sec MIL-B-81750C
Physical Porperties
MD 1.90 1.90 1.90 1.90 1.90 kg/mm2 ASTM D-882
TD 1.90 1.90 1.90 1.90 1.90
MD 1.10 1.10 1.10 1.10 1.10
TD 1.80 1.80 1.80 1.80 1.80
Elongation MD 170 170 170 170 170 %
TD 210 210 210 210 210
UV-H 99.50 % KS K 0850-1999
UV-B 95.40
UV-A 9.5
Heat Shrinkage < 5 % Internal Method
(60℃ ×30min in H2O)
Resistance to Chemicals
Hydrochloric Acid (10%) JIS K-7114
5cm × 5cm
Size of Specimen :
Dipped for 168hrs.
Sulfuric Acid (10%)
Acetic Acid (5%)
Sodium Hydroxide (10%)
Aqueous Ammonia (10%)
Ethyl Alcohol (50%)
Acetone (95%)
Benzene (95%) X
Formalin (95%)
Available Sizes
Thickness (mm) 0.1, 0.2, 0.25, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
Width (cm) 20, 30, 90, 100, 120, 137
Length (m) 10, 20, 30, 50


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