Static Shielding Bag (SSB)

SSB is manufactured by depositing a thin metal coating, like aluminum over an antistatic polyester film substrate. This metalized layer protects the devices or the components in the bag from electrostatic fields.

According to the position of the metalized layer, there are two types of metalized shielding bags, “Metal-In” and “Metal-Out”, in the market.

The metal-in bag or buried metal shielding bag is the most commonly used and recommended for packaging of static-sensitive components. It also tends to be superior to the metal-out bag in durability and cost.

The metal-out shielding bag also protects the devices in the bag against static-induced damage. As the metal layer is closer to the outside surface, this bag has lower ESD reading than the metal-in bag, which can be important is some applications.

Our SSB is the metal-in type, which has the metalized layer inside.

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Item Code M04P-000
Thickness 55~200㎛ (Common : 75㎛)
Maximum Width 1,250mm
SR 10e9 ~ 10e11 ohm


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