Conductive Black PE Bag (CBPB)

Item Code M06P-000
Thickness 40 ~ 200 ㎛ (Common: 80 ㎛, 100 ㎛)
Maximum Width 700 mm
Surface Resistance 10e3 ~ 10e6 ohm
  • Cost-effective bag
  • Low surface resistance

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Electro Static Discharge (ESD) is nothing new, but its effect on electronic components and devices is serious if it is not properly controlled. Uncontrolled ESD not only causes partial damage to electronic components, but also sometimes destroys electronic components and devices totally. Together with controlling of ESD, moisture is also essential to be controlled for sensitive devices or components. Apart from personal grounding, sensitive goods should also be well protected from ESD and moisture during transportation and storage. There are several types of packaging bags in the market. The most important thing is to select a suitable bag for each application.


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