PVA Sponge Wiper

What is PVA Sponge?

PVA Sponge is a wiper product that is composed of uniform and continuous foamed open cells made by aged polyvinyl alcohol as a raw material.
PVA Sponge has excellent chemical resistance. It’s lint & dust free, and soft to the touch, which prevents the products from getting damaged or scratched, which also helps not to leave any watermarks or dust on the surface.
PVA Sponges can be used in many industries such as a sophisticated cleaning sector in semiconductor industries or health & beauty industries. With being able to adjust the absorption, elasticity, size, density, color and shapes, these sponges are highly versatile, which easily fit in any industrial fields.

PVA Sponge (used in FPD & Semiconductors)

Cleaning Wafer surface after Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) process to apply an utmost sophisticated cleaning of semiconductors, or precision electronics with features such as high absorption, soft touch and low pollution.

PVA Sponge Wiper (General use)

Widely used in various industrial fields, such as Cleanroom, PCB, Glass, Mirror, Optical instrument and many others. Other types (block, roller, sheet, etc.) are available.

  • Excellent moisture-removing ability with a strong hydrophilic feature to absorb water more than 10 times its own weight.
  • The wet texture is soft and elastic, not damage the object or leave scratches.
  • PVA Sponge is applicable to the process that requires detailed cleaning without generating fiber or dust.
  • Excellent chemical resistance & abrasion resistance
  • Easy to apply on adequate products with adjustable moisture absorption and excellent elasticity by adapting the size and the density of the open cell sponges.
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Item Code M04W-001 Item Code M04W-000
Packing 2mm (T) x 9” x 9” 10sheets/pack, 20packs/ctn






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