Non ESD Fabric

Non ESD Fabric

- MDF-192 and MDF-196 is Nylon mesh fabric. They are using for lining of garment or headgear.
- MDF-215 is made of 100% Polyester yarn and its woven type is Taffeta. This fabric is recommendable for Food Industrial and Pharmaceutical.

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non esd fabric

Yarn (Denier) ECF Density
Weave Width
Warp Weft Warp Weft
MDF-192 N40D N40D 100% Nylon 90 58 Taffeta 44″ 33
MDF-196 N40D N40D 100% Nylon 34W 40C Taffeta 60″ 45
MDF-199 PHY 75D PHY 150D 100% Polyester 96 x 75 Taffeta 58″/60″ 90
MDF-215 P/F 150D P/F 150D 100% Polyester 79 x 54 Taffeta 58″/60″ 89

① Cleanroom garment
② ESD Lab coat / T-Shirt for electronic and semiconductor industries
③ Pharmaceutical industries
④ Food industry
⑤ Paint industry
⑥ Underwear
⑦ Hospital