ESD Coolon shirt

ESD Coolon Shirt is made of 100% polyester with embedded ECF (Electro-Conductive Fiber) in stripe pattern. This special fabric, made in Korea, is under well controlled QC, and generates significantly low lint compared to other normal fabric.

It is comfortable thanks to quick sweat evaporation and good ventilation, and it has extra durability, light weight, etc. The touch is like DuPont Coolmax fabric, which is the material of popular sports wear.

ESD Coolon shirt is suitable for the people working in hot and high humidity environment, and is also a good choice for the workers handling ESD sensitive products by virtue of its good ESD properties.

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Model Type Color Composition Weight Choice
MDF-250CS Shirt with collar and short sleeves White
Royal Blue
98% of Polyester
Coolon fabric
and 2% of ECF yarn
148 g
/ sqmt
· ESD symbol
· Breast pocket
MDF-250RS Shirt with round neck and short sleeves
MDF-250CL Shirt with collar and long sleeves
MDF-250RL Shirt with round neck and long sleeves



ESD Coolon Fabric

Coolon is a powerful performance fiber with excellent moisture dispersion creating a natural and refreshing feel. With the Cool Fiber Technology of Kolon, we have developed our own ESD Coolon Fabric with a Memory in 10 mm conductive filament stripe (MDF-320) and a Pique in 7 mm conductive filament stripe (MDF-250). The Interlocking Design, also known as Double Knitted Pattern, which is the umbrella term of Memory, Pique, etc., has different texture on both sides. The inside surface to be touched on the skin feels soft, like cotton while the surface facing outside has rough and wider in cross-section so that sweat from your skin will be evaporated and dried quickly by exposing wider surface of the fabric to the air. Our ESD Coolon Fabric is one of the best choices for making Casual wear, Shirts and Sportswear for the people who handle any ESD sensitive materials or devices in EPA (ESD Protected Area).

  • Excellent ESD properties
  • Good resistance to fading, shrinking and wrinkling.
  • Improved breathability
  • Quick moisture absorption
  • Fast drying
  • Dry and soft touch
  • No particle generation
  • Unique brightness
  • Excellent durability
  • Easy to care and handling
  • All-weather fabric







Mark Chest (C) Back Length (B) Shoulder Width (S) Sleeve Length
Short (SL) Long (LL)
XS 19.5” 27” 18.5” 8” 23.5″
S 20.5” 28” 19” 8.5” 24″
M 21.5” 28.5” 19.5” 8.5” 24″
L 22.5” 29” 20” 9″ 24.5″
XL 23.5” 30” 21” 9.5″ 25″
2XL 24.5” 31” 21.5” 10″ 25.5″
3XL 25.5” 32” 22.5” 10.5″ 26″
4XL 26.5” 33” 23.5” 10.5″ 26.5″
5XL 27.5” 33.8” 24.5” 11″ 26.5″
6XL 28.5” 34.4” 25.5” 11″ 27″



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