The CSM (Chlorosulfonated polyethylene) rubber sheet reinforced with high tenacity polyester fabric is a kind of a very particular material for the bottom soles of cleanroom overshoes or the webbing material on the overshoes. Coming in a sheet form, it can be applied to the various shapes and the sizes of the soles according to each customer’s need, unlike many existing ready-made soles.

  • Chemical resistant properties
  • Anti-slip
  • Bendable at a low temperature (-45°F)
  • Strong resistance to abrasion
  • Autoclavable (withstand up to 120°C)
  • Gamma-ray stable at min.737kGy/max.760.8kGy
  • Antistatic finish (10e10~10e11 ohm)
Item Code M20F-001
ChloroSulfonated Polyethylene (HYPALON) 518 grs/㎡
Polyester Fabric 248 grs/㎡
Width 56 inch
Weight 1000 grs/yard
Thickness 0.80±0.05 mm
Packing 30 yds / roll

  • Polyester fabric (front)
  • Rubber sheet (back)