Cleanroom Face Mask

Item Code M01D-009 Size : 90mm × 180mm
M01D-010 Size : 90mm × 210mm
M01D-011 Size : 90mm × 230mm
Material Out layer HDPE Film (1st filtration)
Middle layer Polypropylene Filter (2nd filtration)
In layer PET/PP mixed non-woven
Ear Band TPU
Packing 50pcs/bag, 30bags/box


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  • Adopting unique designs

– Using HDPE film in out layer

– Using TPU ear bands

– Making bigger size (9cm x 23cm)

– Attaching ear bands onto the front side of the Mask

  • Using best fit materials required by each part to achieve comfortability, good air permeability and filtration
  • All materials used have been passed a skin trouble test with the mark of “Negligible”
  • By using Polypropylene filter, which has high efficient filtering performance with good air permeability, as a middle layer, our Cleanroom Face Mask provides excellent comfortability to users
  • To minimize skin trouble, attach the ear bands onto the front side of the Mask


Product Specifications

(90mm × 230mm)

A B C D E F Tolerance
Length(mm) 230 95 35 17 15 23 +/- 5%


Measure Standard Remark
APC ea/g, 0.1um, 1CFM Max. 120
Dimensional Stability % Max. 5


Test Data

APC Test
Test unit Specifications Results
20 – RPM 30 – RPM 40 – RPM 50 – RPM
Cleanliness (/5EA) Less than 825.0 410.7 643.4 648.9 639.1
Cleanliness (/1EA) Less than 165.0 82.1 128.7 129.8 127.8
Cleanliness (/g) Less than 50.0 24.6 40.9 31.9 34.1


Ion Test
Test unit Results (mg/L) Test Methods
Na 0 ICP Test
Ca 0 ICP Test
Ci 0.1 IC Test

*Pure water 100ml/specimen/g × 60±20℃ x 30min

Skin Trouble Test
Test unit Results  Test Methods
Mask body Negligible ISO 10993-10 Skin irritation test
TPU Band Negligible ISO 10993-11 Skin irritation test



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