Cleanroom Face Mask

Cleanroom Face Mask

Basic Information

  • Size : 230mm X 90mm, 3 layers
  • Packing : 50pcs/bag, 30bags/box


  • Out layer : HDPE Film (1st filtration)
  • Middle layer : Polypropylene Filter (2nd filtration)
  • In layer : PET/PP mixed non-woven
  • Ear Band : TPU


  • Adopting unique designs
    - Using HDPE film in out layer
    - Using TPU ear bands
    - Making bigger size (9cm x 23cm)
    - Attaching ear bands onto the front side of the Mask
  • Using best fit materials required by each part to achieve comfortability, good air permeability and filtration
  • All materials used have been passed a skin trouble test with the mark of "Negligible"
  • By using Polypropylene filter, which has high efficient filtering performance with good air permeability, as a middle layer, our Cleanroom Face Mask provides excellent comfortability to users
  • To minimize skin trouble, attach the ear bands onto the front side of the Mask
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