Sticky Mat

Clean Products consist of several types of products, such as Sticky Mat, Sticky Roller, Protection Film, DCR-Pad, Silicon Rubber Roller, Cleanroom Mop System, Swabs, etc. All these items are related with cleaning dust or particles and keeping sensitive parts, components and finished products clean by controlling all kinds of contaminations.

  • Required in any controlled environments
  • Excellent dust & particle collect (99.80%)
  • Easy to use, minimal maintenance required
  • Customizing available depending on the condition of sites
  • 99.80% of dust collection at several steps on the mats.
  • Collected dust on the mats is not migrated.
  • Comfortable walking and smooth passing of hand carts.
  • Mat can be used with/without the frame.
  • Adhesive level can be adjusted on request.
  • Antimicrobial sticky mat is available for pharmaceutical, biological and medical areas.
  • ESD sticky mat is available for static sensitive areas.
  • Thin film sticky mat at economic price is another option.
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Item Code M01C-000
Film Thickness 30㎛, 35㎛, 40㎛, 45㎛ (±5㎛)
Size 18”×36”, 18”×45”, 24”×36”, 26”×45”, 36”×45”, etc.
Color Blue, White, Grey, Green, etc.
Adhesive (g/25mm) 350±50g (surface) – adjustable
700±50g (bottom)
Material Polyethylene (LDPE)
Packing 30sheets or 60sheets/mat, 4mats, 8mats, 10mats/case, etc.
ESD Properties (SM-ESM/EBM) Surface Resistance : 10e9 ~ 10e11 ohm
Reduction of Bacteria (SM-ABM/EBM) 99.9%
  • SM-SSM  Standard Sticky Mat
  • SM-TNM  Thin Film Sticky Mat
  • SM-ABM  Antimicrobial Sticky Mat
  • SM-EBM  ESD Antimicrobial Sticky Mat
  • SM-ESM  ESD Sticky Mat

– Antimicrobial Sticky Mat for Medical, Pharmaceutical, Biological areas
– ESD Sticky Mat for any static sensitive areas
– Thin Film Sticky Mat (35μm) for more economic price
– Made in Korea


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