Overhead Ion Blower

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SOB-S Series

  • Ion balance within ± 2V (at 60cm distance, max fan speed)
  • EMI/EMS protect
  • Automatic Ion Balance System
  • Ion unbalance alarm (Buzzer)
  • Automatic tip cleaning function
  • Various interfaces with automated factories (PLC, computer)
  • RMS (Real Monitoring System) – Option
  • Remote control (SBL-RC2)
  • 2, 3, 4, 5 fans


Categories Descriptions
Item Code M03E-005 M03E-006 M03E-023 M03E-024
Input Power AC100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumptions
(Max. Fan Speed)
37W 47W 90W 75W
Ion-Generation Method Steady-State DC
Air Blow Volume 8.5㎥/min 12.75㎥/min 17.0㎥/min 21.25㎥/min
Noise Level (dB), 1000mm,
High Fan Speed
68 dB
Ion Balance
(at 600mm, Max Air Flow)
Within ±5V
Ozone (O3) Concentration,
at 300mm
Operation Circumstance 0℃ ~ 50℃ (32℉ ~ 122℉), 35% ~ 85% RH
Material (Main body) Aluminum
Material (Electrode) Tungsten
Mounting Method Ceiling or Wall Mount
Function Remote Control, 4Steps Fan Speed, Tip Cleaning, Buzzer On/Off
Alarm Function H/V alarm, Fan alarm
Interface Run State, Remote On/Off, RS485, Tip Cleaning
Option RMS (Real Monitoring System)
Warranty 1 year
Weight 3.1kg 4.1kg 5.2kg 6.2kg
Size (W × L × D) – mm 160×677×184 160×887×184 160×1187×184 160×1487×184



Category Descriptions
Item Code M03E-021 M03E-022
Model IPI-322 IPI-332
Input voltage AC90~260V, 50/60Hz AC90~260 V, 50/60Hz, Maximum 30Watts
Method of Ion Generation Steady-State DC Steady-State DC
Impulse HV
Method of Power Adjustment Automatic adjustment of amount of ion emission by each fan module Automatic adjustment of the amount of generated ion by fan module
Point Material Tungsten Tungsten (8 pin composition by module)
Wind Velocity 3~5m/sec. Max. 6m/s (CFM : 90 ~ 130)
Ion Balance ± 3V or less (in 600mm)
Decay Time 3 sec or less (in 600mm)
Material (Main Body) Aluminum
Dimension 165(W) × 700(L) × 88(H)mm 165(W) × 1100(L) × 88(H)mm
No. of Fan 2 3
Weight 4.7kgs 6.9kgs
Warranty 18 months



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