Air Clean Mat / Water Clean Mat

Air Clean Mat / Water Clean Mat

It is time to think about the environment and being cost-effective at the same time.

We have two types of reusable and eco-friendly Clean Mats that will draw your immediate attention. The first one is Air Clean Mat, which cleans the bottom of the sole by sucking dust through two step filters. The second one is Water Clean Mat, which washes the bottom of the sole directly with water and moving brushes on the mat.

These Mats are one of the most effective ways to remove dust and contaminants from the sole of the shoes, leaving less wastes and particles. Adopting these remarkable mats will also be a cost saving solution in the long term, even if the initial cost can be higher than sticking to the traditional disposal sticky mat.

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Air Clean Mat



  • Detecting sensor
  • Air refreshing function
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • 2 step filtration(antibacterial and HEPA filters)
  • Access Floor type(M58-E-008)
  • Heavy traffic(trolley,carts,etc.)type is available
  • Air shower room type(M58-E-009)
  • Customized sizes are available on request
Item Code Outer Size(mm) Mat Size(mm)
M58-E-001 20Tx600x1100 500×1000
M58-E-002 20Tx600x2100 500×2000
M58-E-003 20Tx700x800 600×700
M58-E-004 20Tx800x1100 700×1000
M58-E-005 20Tx800x2100 700×2000
M58-E-006 20Tx1100x1100 1000×1000
M58-E-007 20Tx1100x1500 1000×1400
M58-E-008 50Tx600x600 600×600
M58-E-009 150Tx100x1000 100×1000



Water Clean Mat


  • Detecting sensor
  • Clean with water
  • Easy relocation with wheels
  • Special cleaner(deluent)for heavy dirts, oil, etc. (option)
                             Item Code
M57-E-001 M57-E-002 M57-E-003 M57-E-004 M57-E-005 M57-E-006
Size(W x L) -mm Outer Size 730×545 730×1150 730×1095 730×1695 730×1635 730×2240
Absorption mat 415×495 470×550 470×550
Height(mm) 970 970 970 970 970 970
Weight(kg) 35 70 70 105 98 140
Input Power AC220V, 50/60HZ
Power Consumption 40W 40W 80W 80W 120W 120W
Capacity – Washing Tank 10L 10L 20L 20L 30L 30L