Ion Bar (SIB4 Series)

  • Easy install in variable space thanks to its slim design
  • The embedded earth electrode, prevent contamination from circumstance
  • Ion current increased by low corona discharge loss
  • Auto ion balance function
  • Tip cleaning alarm function (periodic tip cleaning mode by timer)
  • ±Peak voltage control function
  • Parallel power connection function (Up to 8 bars)
  • Turbulent airflow socket
  • Remote controller (SIB-RC1)
  • Power controller (SBP-RD) – Option
  • RMS (Real Monitoring System) – Option
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SIB4 Series


Category Descriptions
Item Code M07E-084 Remark
Model SIB4-800
Input Power DC24V (±5%)
Power Consumption Max. 14.4W
Current Consumption Max. 500mA DC 24V
Ion-Generation Method Corona Discharge Pulse AC CDA (Clean Dry Air), N2
Air Purge Supply Pressure 0.1 ~ 0.5MPa
Air Purge Connection Port Pipe Tap 1/8″
Ion Balance Within ±30V 1,000mm
Operating Distance 50 ~ 2,000mm
Ozone (O3) Concentration ≤ 0.05ppm
Operation Circumstance 0℃ ~ +50℃ (32℉ ~ 122℉), 35% ~ 85% RH
Main Body Material Non-Flammable ABS (Level V0)
Electrode Material Standard Tungsten
Option Poly Silicon, Titanium
Emitter Replacement Cartridge Type
Mounting Method Bolt Mounting with Bracket
Adjust Function Frequency [Hz] 0.1, 0.3, 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, 20, 30, 50
Duty Ratio [%] 40 ~ 70
Voltage Level Positive 1~10, Negative 1~10
Auto Duty Mode Set Distance 50~1,000mm
Alarm Function H/V Abnormal Alarm, Tip Cleaning Alarm
Interface Run State, Remote, Interlock, RS485,
Alarm (H/V Abnormal, Low Ion, Tip Cleaning)
Warranty 1 Year


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