Item Code M06E-001
Model SPN-11
  • Ion balance within ± 30V (at 30cm distance, Air 0.3Mpa)
  • Teflon Nozzle, which has durability specially against Ozone
  • Piezo High Frequency (72kHz) which will minimize contamination on the tip
  • Various Fitting Tube (Option)
Basic Component
Additional Component



Item Code M06E-002
Model SPN-11S
  • The photoelectric sensor can control SPN-11S to work only in case of necessity.
  • Teflon made nozzle for durability against ozone.
  • Ion Balance within ±20V. (at 300mm Distance, Air 0.3Mpa)
  • Sensitivity and running time of the sensor can be adjusted.
  • Can be adjusted in various forms and shapes, such as miniature size, gun type, etc.
  • The bracket for special space and equipment.
Basic Component
Additional Component



Power Controller (SPN-11 / SPN-11S)

Item Code M08-E-019
Model SNC-04
Basic Component
Additional Component



Fitting Tubes (SPN-11 / SPN-11S)
Item Code M06E-001 M06E-002
Model SPN-11 SPN-11S
Input Power Adaptor (AC110/220V, 50/60Hz, DC24V)
Power Consumption 9W 15W
Ion-Generation Method (Piezo) High Frequency AC
Ion Balance (at 300mm) Within ±15V
Air Purge Supply Pressure
*CDA(Clean Dry Air), N2
1~6kgf/㎠ (0.5Mpa) 0.1~0.5MPa
Air Inlet Φ6
Operation Circumstance 0℃ ~ +50℃ (32℉ ~ 122℉), 35% ~ 85% RH
Nozzle Material (Level V0) Teflon
Electrode Material Tungsten / Titanium
Weight 130g 250g
Color White
Mounting Method Stand Type Flexible Type
Sensor Photoelectric Sensor
Alarm Function H/V Abnormal
Interface Alarm (H/V Abnormal)
Model Photoelectric Sensor (HP100-A1)
Detection System Diffuse-scan
Power Supply 10 to 30Vdc (ripple 10% max.)
Current Consumption 16mA max.
Scanning Distance 1m
Differential Travel 20% max. (at rated scanning distance)
Operation Mode Light-ON / Dark-ON selectable by switch
Response Time 500ms max. for both operation and recovery
Emitter Infrared LED
Ambient Light Immunity Incandescent lamp : 10,000 lux max.
Sunlight : 40,000 lux max.
Warranty 1 year