Ion Nozzle

Subminiature Ion Nozzle can reduce contamination of tip by adopting high frequency mode (Piezo: 72kHz). Available for various working environment with different fitting tubes (Option) and angle adjustable bracket, and it brings quick ionization in narrow space. Also, contamination caused by air can be prevented by adjusting Airfilter. (Option)

  • Ion balance: ± 15V (300 mm / Air 0.3MPa)
  • Mini size Ion Nozzle
  • Infrared ray sensor Ion Nozzle (SPN-12S)
  • Easy to set sensor sensitivity and operation time (SPN-12S)
  • Ozone-proof material selected: Teflon Nozzle
  • Tip cleaning cycle is extended by high frequency AC
  • Possible to connect up to 5ea of SPN-12/12S by using Daisy Chain function (6 pole connector)
  • Applying a bracket which can adjust angle
  • Different Fitting tube is available (Option)
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Item Code M06E-040 M06E-041 Remark
Model SPN-12 SPN-12S
Input Power DC 24V
Adaptor Input AC 100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz, 1.7A
Output DC 24CV, 2.5A, 60W
Power Consumption 1.2W 3.6W
Current Consumption 50 mA 150 mA AC 220V
Ion-Generation Method High Frequency AC Piezo
Air Purge Supply Pressure 0.1MPa ~ 0.6MPa CDA
(Clean Dry Air), N2
Air Inlet Ø6
Ion Balance ± 15V 300 mm
Operation Circumstance 0°C ~ +130°C (32°F ~ 266°F), 35% ~ 85% RH
Material (Body) Non-Flammable ABS
Material (Nozzle) Teflon
Electrode Tungsten
Mounting Method Bolt Mounting with Bracket
Weight 80 g 130 g
Sensor Photoelectric Sensor
Alarm Function High Voltage Abnormal Alarm
Interface Alarm (High Voltage Abnormal)
Warranty 1 year


Decay Time Characteristics

  • Model: SPN-12/12S
  • Decay Time: ±1,000V to ±1,000V
  • Change Plate Capacitance: 20pF (150×150 mm)
  • Temperature & Humidity: 24℃, 50%RH


Fitting Tubes (SPN-12 / SPN-12S)


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