ESD Washable Sticky Mat

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Item Code M35C-001-DL 600mm×900mm×0.7mmT
M35C-002-DL 600mm×1800mm×0.7mmT
M35C-003-DL 660mm×1140mm×0.7mmT
M35C-004-DL 900mm×3320mm×0.7mmT
M35C-600-DL 1200mm×6m×0.7mmT
Color Dark Blue
Material Upper ESD homogeneous sticky PU sheet with surface resistance : 10e7~10e8 ohm
Bottom PET sheet / double-sided tape
Side cove ESD Fabric Tape with surface resistance : 10e6~10e7 ohm
Characteristics & Specifications Service life 1 year under normal traffic & maintenance
Homogeneous & excellent ESD properties
Adhesive level 550±50 gf/25mm
Environment friendly & cost effective
Fixed by double-sided tape
Made in Korea
Applications Entrances & exits of cleanroom labs and manufacturing facilities
Changing rooms, air showers
Static-sensitive areas


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