Silicone Rubber Roller

Silicone Rubber Roller is a dust & particle cleaning roller, which can be used in vast range of industries. This product especially shines where you need a cleaning roller that leaves absolutely no residue behind, or that is heat and chemical resistant to legitimate degree.

Being a reusable roller, this product may reduce your long-term cost of using disposable variants. You can simply wash and dry the roller after using, but more common way is to use it with DCR-Pad as it cleans the roller very quickly, making the whole work process super efficient.

  • Stick Type
  • Handy Type
  • Floor Type

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Stick Type

Item Code Dia.(mm) Width Length
M15C-001 5 120 mm



Handy Type

Item Code Dia.(mm) Width Length
M15C-002 20 30 mm 90 mm
M15C-003 25 50 mm 90 mm
M15C-004 30 100 mm 150 mm
M15C-005 30 150 mm 150 mm
M15C-006 30 200 mm 150 mm
M15C-007 30 250 mm 150 mm
M15C-008 30 300 mm 150 mm

Materials Silicone Roller, Aluminum Handle
Width 30, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300mm
Diameter 20, 30mm
Adhesive Level / Hardness weak/40, Medium/30


Item Code Size, Adhesive type
M15C-027 30mm, weak adhesive
M15C-028 50mm, weak adhesive
M15C-029 100mm, weak adhesive
M15C-030 100mm, medium adhesive
M15C-031 150mm, weak adhesive
M15C-032 150mm, medium adhesive
M15C-033 200mm, weak adhesive
M15C-034 200mm, medium adhesive
M15C-035 250mm, weak adhesive
M15C-036 250mm, medium adhesive
M15C-037 300mm, weak adhesive
M15C-038 300mm, medium adhesive



Floor Type

Item Code Dia.(mm) Width Length
M15C-009 50 250 mm 1~2 m
M15C-010 50 300 mm 1~2 m
M15C-011 50 500 mm 1~2 m
M15C-012 50 600 mm 1~2 m



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