ESD Cleanroom Fabric Tape

  • Very low particle generation
  • ESD properties on both sides
  • The thin fabric film makes it extremely flexible
  • Easy to apply on any surface
  • No residue
  • To cover work table for ESD and protection of the product
  • To use in controlled environment
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Item Code M43T-000
Available Sizes 0.13mm(T) × 40mm(W) × 30m(L)
0.13mm(T) × 100mm(W) × 30m(L)
Adhesive Strength 1000±100gf / 25mm
Material PU coated ESD fabric with acrylic adhesive and PET release film
Surface Resistance 10e6~7 ohm
Backing Resistance 10e7~8 ohm
Packaging Carton Size : 320 × 320 × 530mm
40mm(W) : 60 rolls/ctn
100mm(W) : 25 rolls/ctn


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