ESD Control Tape

Cellulose based synthetic film with antistatic acrylic adhesive

Item Code M02T-000
Model NAT-803
Surface Resistance 10e8 ~ 10e9, Back: 10e10 ~ 10e11 ohm
Thickness 55 ㎛
Size 1″, 2″×50 m/roll,
600 mm×50 m (Jumbo roll)
Packing 100 rolls/ctn (25 mm×50 m)
50 rolls/ctn (50 mm×50 m)

  • Cellulose film (30 ㎛)
  • Antistatic acrylic adhesive (25 ㎛)
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ESD Packing Tapes

ESD Packing Tapes have been developed to protect static sensitive products from static electricity generated by triboe- lectricity when they are unrolled or removed from the objects. ESD packing tapes generate very low static voltage while normal tapes yield about 1KV to 9.5KV to 14KV under the same conditions.

  • Bundle of DIP IC Tubes
  • Seal Static Shielding Bags
  • Pack Conductive IC Trays
  • Pack Wafer Carrier
  • Attach a Note in Cleanroom
  • EMI Shielding
  • Covers for External Plugs


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