ESD Floor Marking Tape

PET laminated PVC tape with ESD Symbol and the letter “ESD Protected Area”

Item Code M05T-000
Model PT-EMT
Color Black printing on yellow
Surface Resistance 10e7 ~ 10e9 ohm
Thickness 145 ㎛
Size 50 mm × 33 m / roll
Packing 30 rolls/ctn
  • ESD properties on both surfaces
  • Printings will not wear off easily thanks to PET laminating layer
  • Resistant to floor cleaners
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Heavy duty
  • Plastic core for less particles

  • Antistatic treatment
  • PET Film (15 ㎛)
  • Printed PVC Film (ESD symbol and “ESD Protected Area”) (100 ㎛)
  • Antistatic treatment
  • Antistatic acrylic adhesive (30 ㎛)
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ESD Marking Tapes

ESD Marking Tapes have 3 options, which are ESD Marking Tape, ESD Marking Tape with Printings and ESD Floor Marking Tape. All of them have ESD properties on both adhesive and back sides. They barely generate particles by adopting a plastic core and lint free film.

  • Indication of “ESD Protected Area”, “ESD Controlled Area”, “ESD Safe Area”, etc.
  • Color coding
  • Safety Markings


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