Item Code M67G-001
Model TDC-391
Liners Material Copper yarn, Nylon
Color Copper
Coating Material PU
Color White
Area Finger tips
Dots Material PVC
Area Palm
Color White
Surface Resistance (ohm) 10e3 ~ 10e4
  • Made of static control carbon yarn mixed nylon (ESD) and copper yarn mixed nylon (Conductive)
  • Excellent when tactile sensitivity is important in handling small parts
  • Suitable for the places where cleanliness and ESD control are required
  • Provides protection to operator’s hands and products being handled
  • Good elasticity, ventilation and minimizing sweat buildup
  • Good grip
  • Stable ESD properties
  • Good for handling electronic instruments, circuit boards and components.
  • Prevent products from miscellaneous disturbances or accidents caused by static electricity.
  • Antistatic treated surface semiconductors, microprocessors and compact disks.
  • Assembling LSI, VLSI, Semiconductors as well as computers and precise instruments