P-PSF (ESD Strip Door Curtain Film)

Polstar Strip Door Curtain Film is recommendable to be installed at the gates or the entrances of factories that are frequently opened and closed. It saves energy by keeping the temperature of the factories. It also prevents wind, insects and any foreign materials from coming inside of the factories. General purpose of strip door curtain film, cold resistant strip door curtain film, anti-insect strip door curtain film and anti-static strip door curtain film are available.

ESD Strip Film

Flat Type Protrusion Type
Item Code M16Y-000
Model P-PSF
Surface Resistance 10e8~10e10 ohm
Color Bluish Tansparent / Greenish Transparent
Available Sizes 1) 2mm(T) × 200mm × 30m
2) 2mm(T) × 300mm × 30m
3) 3mm(T) × 300mm × 30m

Accessories for P-PSF

Flame Hanger
Item Code M18Y-004 Item Code M18Y-005



P-PFF (ESD Folding Door Film)

Homogeneous antistatic foldable film is suitable to make clean booths, soft partitions, walls, doors, etc. The standard size is 1.35mm(T) x 1000mm(W) x 12m(L) and there are 8 folding lines in 1000mm width all the way to the length diretion.  Two colors, greenish clear and yellowish clear, are available.

ESD Folding Film

The drawing of ESD folding door

Item Code M21Y-000
Model P-PFF
Surface Resistance 10e8~10e10 ohm
Color Greenish Transparent
Available Sizes 1.35mm(T) × 1000mm(W) × 12m(L)

Accessories for P-PFF

Runner Hanger Rail
Item Code M18Y-001 Item Code M18Y-003 Item Code M18Y-002