Ion Bar (SIB1/2 Series)

  • Ion balance within +/- 50V (at 30cm distance)
  • Slim space / mini size
  • Easy maintenance
  • Tip Socket (SIB1 Series) – 3ea~63ea
  • Tip Socket (SIB2 Series) – 3ea~70ea
  • 5 mark certified (2006)
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SIB1/2 series


Category Descriptions
Item Code M07E-025
Model SIB1-80A
Input Power
Power Consumption
Ion-Generation Method Corona Discharge Pulse AC
Air Purge Supply Pressure
** CDA (Clean Dry Air), N2
1 ~ 5ikgf/c㎡ (0.5Mpa)
≤ 1kg/c㎡ SIB2-07, SIB2-10, SIB2-16
≤ 3kg/c㎡ SIB1-16A ~ SIB1-48A
SIB2-20 ~ SIB2-50
≤ 5kg/c㎡ SIB1-64A ~ SIB1-256A
SIB2-60 ~ SIB2-250
Air Purge Connection Port Pipe Tap 1/8”
Ion Balance 1000mm Within ±50V
Ozone (03) Concentration ≤ 0.005ppm
Decay Time Characteristics See the accompanying test document
Main Body Material Level V0 Non-Flammable ABS
Electrode Material Tungsten, Titanium
Emitter Replacement Cartridge type / Pin type
Operation Circumstance 0℃ ~ +50℃ (32℉~122℉), 35%~85% RH
Dimensions See the accompanying drawing paper
Mounting Method
Adjust Function Frequency [Hz]
Duty Ratio
Voltage [Level]
Mode Set
Alarm Function
Interface RJ45
Operating Distance 50~2,000mm
High Voltage Cable Shielding Wire 4m
(UL3239_20kV – 1007AWG18)
Warranty 1 year
Power Controller
Category Descriptions Remark
Item Code M08E-029 M08E-028 M08E-018
Model SBP-11N SBP-11 SBP-06
Input Power AC100~240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 23W 22W 16W
Alarm H/V Abnormal N/A UTP
Weight 2.48Kg 2.46Kg 1.42Kg
Main Body Material SUS304 EGI EGI
Power Cable 1.8m
Ion Bar Number Connectable 4set (Max) 1set
Function Adjust Frequency [Hz] 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, 20, 30
Adjust Duty Ratio [%] 40 ~ 60 (100 unit) 40 ~ 60
Warranty 1 Year


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