Bench Top Ion Blower (Mini)

  • By using of AC 50kHz high frequency corona discharge method, this Ionizer is especially effective in neutralizing static electricity at short-range and in maintaining steadfast balance of plus(+) and minus(-) ions.
  • Miniature design allows you to install it in the confined space of equipment for LCD, semiconductor, etc., and this compact ionizer can neutralize static electricity from the objects effectively without using compressed air flow.
  • A magnetic attached device enables you to install it at any metallic surfaces easily, and unique brackets allow you to bend the head part vertically, elevate up and down, and rotate the face in any desired directions.
  • In case of excess high voltage and the abnormality of fan operating, LED light will be on as “RED”
  • Easy maintenance thanks to a removable emitter pin unit.


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Category Descriptions Remark
Item Code M02E-025
Model SF-40A
Ion Balance Within ±10V
Ion-Generation Method High frequency AC
Emitter Pins Titanium
Decay Time 1.5sec 150mm
Input Current DC 24V, 0.15A
Air Flow 0.27m /min (Max)
Adjustable Controls Fan speed, Ion Balance
Size 46(W) × 68.5(H) × 36(D) Head
Operation Circumstance 0℃~50℃, 35%~65%RH
Ozone (O3) Concentration ≤0.05ppm




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