ESD Control Table Mat

Item Code Standard M11M-000
Low SR Type M29M-000


How to make ESD safe work surface? Polstar ESD Control Table Mat is on the basic line of this question. Polstar ESD Control Table Mat has two co-extruded layer constructions, and these two layers are strongly stuck together and become the homogenous body.

Thanks to its stable quality and stable surface resistance, our ESD Control Table Mat is commonly used as the top material of assembly lines, worktable, etc. in electronics and semiconductor factories and many other static controlled areas.

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Thickness 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, 3mm
Width 60cm ~ 120cm
Length 10m / roll
Top 10e8 ~ 10e9 ohm (Standard)
10e6 ~ 10e8 ohm (Low SR)
Bottom 10e3 ~ 10e5 ohm



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