Aluminum Moisture Barrier Bag (AMBB)

AMBB is a good choice for moisture sensitive devices and components. Depending on the products stored in the bag and the periods of storage, you have several selections on AMBB by adjusting the total thickness of the bag, the thickness of AL foil layer, etc.

Item Code M02P-000
Thickness 62~200㎛ (Common : 100㎛, 150㎛)
Maximum Width 1,250mm
MVTR* < 0.02 g/100 sqinch/24h


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Moisture Barrier Bag (MBB)

It is essential to keep Surface-Mount Devices (SMDs) dry from manufacturing point to the time of reflow soldering. Moisture Barrier Bag, also known as Vapor Barrier Bag, is made by multiple layers of plastic and aluminum that control moisture vapor leakage.


Basically, there are 3 kinds of Moisture Barrier Bags (MBBs), Tyvek MBB, AMBB and ANMBB, in the market. The key factor of moisture barrier function of the bag is a metal layer, like thickness of the foil or metalized, etc., but thickness or material of other layers will partially affect the quality of MBB as well.


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