Glove Cleaner

Item Code M30C-001


Wearing on and off the gloves every time you clean them is not the most efficient way to work with them. The Glove Cleaner, however, will make it significantly easy and time-saving. The workers can put their hands on the cleaner while wearing the gloves, and simply push or pull their hands as the cleaner does its job. The cleaner serves numbers of purposes in various manufacturing process, and it does not matter where you put the cleaner as long as it is close enough to the workers.

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  • Stainless Steel Body offers great durability
  • The nature of compact design makes it very mobile
  • Can be mounted on either table or wall
  • The adhesive rolls have cutting lines to make them easy to peel off
  • Non-woven, PE and PP rollers are available
Roller Variations
Item Non-woven Sticky Roller PE Sticky Roller PCB Cleaning Roller
Material Non-woven Polyethylene PP Synthetic Paper
Core 3″ PE Core, 155mm × 15m 3″ PE Core, 150mm × 20m 3″ PE/ABS Core, 155mm × 20m
Thickness 180㎛ 47㎛ 80㎛
Adhesion 250~350g/25mm 400~500g/25mm 600~800g/25mm



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