Ultra Pure PE Gloves

Ultra Pure PE Gloves(UPPG), made of additive free pure polyethylene, are high pure and clean Gloves, which are suitable for a Polysilicon manufacturing process. Originally, UPPG have been developed to meet the high cleanliness level of polysilicon manufacturing industry. The main application of this glove is to handle pure chunk of polysilicon in the polysilicon manufacturing process or it can be used in the process of monocrystal ingot in wafer factories as well.

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Item Code C06G-001-TP-size
Material Pure PE
Thickness 80 ㎛
Packing 100 pcs/bag, 10 bags/case (double packed in Class 10~100)
Available Sizes S, M
Length Size S M
A 470 mm±10 mm 470 mm±10 mm
B 244 mm±2 mm 275 mm±2 mm
C 120 mm±2 mm 130 mm±2 mm


* What is Polysilicon?

Polycrystalline silicon also known as Polysilicon is a material consisting of small silicon crystals. The main component of Polysilicon is Si. Generally, the applications of Polysilicon are for a key material of solar panels and semiconductor, which is divided by the grade of the purity. The purity of 6N(99.9999%) is for a solar energy industry and 11N(99.999999999%) is for a semiconductor industry. Polysilicon is a key component of solar panel construction and wafer in semiconductor. When it comes to solar panel construction, it plays a key role to convert light energy to electric energy in solar cells.

* Major Polysilicon Manufacturers

• Hemlock Semiconductor (USA)
• OCI (Korea)
• Waker Chemie (Germany)
• GCL-Poly(China)
• MEMC Electronic Materials (USA)
• LDK Solar (China)
• KCC (Korea)
• Hankook Silicon (Korea)
• REC(Renewable Energy Corporation ASA) (Norway)
• Tokuyama (Japan)


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