Helmet Dryer

The New product with advanced technology will make our working environment more convenient and safe. In particular, our helmet sterilization dryer will deliver a more pleasant and refreshing feeling to many people who wear helmets at work.

Key Features
  • Eliminate germ and stink by Ozone Sterilization
  • Perfect Deodorizing and drying
  • Easy operation and Intallation
  • Keep the helmet clean, fresh and bacteria-free
  • Can be used with all kinds of helmets.
  • CE and FC Certificates
  • Good for hygienic maintenance
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The Helmet Sterilization Dryer has two different models. One model uses cold wind only and the other one uses cold & hot wind, where both models sterilize germs and odor by ozone.


How it Works?
A. Installed on the wall
It works automatically when you hang a helmet on the micro switch.
Multiple installation is available for only Cooling wind dryer.
B. Installed on the flat surface
Press the runtime button on the controller to activate the dryer.


Specifications & Components
① Main Unit ② Bolts ③ Adapter 


Model Cooling & Heating wind Helmet Dryer Cooling wind Helmet Dryer
Item Code C01E-002 C01E-001
Product Dimension 260mm(W)×300mm(D)×180mm(H) 260mm(W)×300mm(D)×180mm(H)
Rated Input Power DC 12V 5A DC 12V 350mA
Weight 1kg 1kg
Run Time 60 min 60 min
Origin Korea Korea



Why should we wear a helmet at work? 

Protection against head injuries

Safety helmets are designed to protect the head against falling objects as well as the side of the head, eyes and neck from any untoward impacts, bumps, scrapes, electrical exposure, etc.

Wearing a safety helmet is a mandatory requirement that should be followed by all employers who should provide their workers with hard hats/safety helmets and fully ensure that they wear them. Since on average, hundreds of workers per year suffer from fatal head injuries, hard hats/safety helmets are the crucial requirement of worksite safety.

Reference : https://www.industrybuying.com/articles/importance-of-wearing-safety-helmets-at-work/



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