Powerless ECO Ionizer


  • No need Electric Power Source
  • No Battery
  • Compact and Handy
  • Stable Ion Balance & Quick Decay Time
  • Easy Operation and Maintenance
  • LED Indicator for Over & Low Voltage
  • Air Flow Control Knob
  • ATEX and CE Certified

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Can you imagine to neutralize the charged insulator with the Ionizer without electric power supply?

All ESD programs should include relative methods for grounding in each work area.
Even though all personnel, worktables and floors are properly grounded, there are still some insulators in the manufacturing sites. So, relevant neutralization for the insulators is essential to maintain the low percentage of errors because insulators are easily charged when they contact other materials even if the other materials are grounded. The charged insulators retain the charges for long periods of time as they can not provide a good pathway for the static charges.

Ionizer is one of the most common and effective equipment to eliminate the charges on insulators in manufacturing areas.

All corona typed Ionizers are required electric power and airflow sources to have their own functions. Our Powerless ECO Ionizer, however, is an exception.

Our high technology based on long experience in this field enables us to develop an innovative Powerless Ionizer, which can be used without any power source.

Operating is just simple. Grip the handy Ionizer and trigger the handle, then the air will be distributed in the Ionizer, and a special generator mounted in the Ionizer will automatically be operated by high pressed air, and it will, then, generate positive and negative ions. When you release the handle, the Ionizer will be stopped immediately.


Category Descriptions Remark
Item Code M39E-002
Ion Balance Within ±10V
Ion Mode AC 14Khz
Air Pressure 3~6 Bar
Decay Time 0.2 sec. ( +/- 1,000V to 100V)
Effective Distance 10cm~50cm
Life Time 3000~5000 hrs
Weight 200g

  • The neutralization of Static Electricity induced on non-conductor materials in various places, like Electronics and Production Assembly, Painting Process in Automotive Industries, etc.


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