Gel Stick

Variations and Specifications
Item Code Head Diameter Length Rod Diameter Adhesive Level
M27C-002 2.5mm 75mm 1.6mm 15g
M27C-003 1.7mm 70mm 1.6mm 12g
M27C-004 1.3mm 70mm 1.6mm 10g
M27C-005 0.8mm 70mm 1.6mm 8g


  • Sticky, non-volatile, non wire-drawing glue
  • Soft, resilient, flexable
  • No irritating odor, harmless, environment-friendly
  • Used on electrostatic sensitive products and semiconductor assembly lines
  • Suitable for high-class cleanrooms (up to 10-100 class)
  • Clean, non-allergic, no particle-generating raw materials were used
  • Anti-chemical, anti-corrosion, anti-static
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Cleaning Application
  • Laser head, mobile camera lenses
  • Particles on the surface of LED/LCD
  • Glass and plastic debris from lenses
  • Dirts on the surface of CD/disk
Storage Condition
  • Keep away from direct light
  • Temperature below 30°C
  • Two months shelf-life


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