ESD PET Adhesive Film

Item Code M13C-000


ESD PET Adhesive Film is a good choice to make ESD surface economically by simply attaching high quality ESD
treated adhesive film on the surface on glass, acrylic, PC, etc.. This film can also be used as a protection film for protecting
the surfaces or devices from scratches during handling, transportation, etc..

  • Good ESD properties on backing side.
  • Semi-permanent ESD properties.
  • No migration.
  • Very low removal adhesive.

  • ESD hard coated PET Film (50, 75, 100 ㎛)
  • Silicone Adhesive (20 ㎛)
  • Release Film (25 ㎛)
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Physical Properties
Properties Unit Value Test Method
Film ESD hard coated PET
Adhesive Silicone
Thickness Film 50 ± 2, 75 ± 2, 100 ± 2
Adhesive 20 ± 3
Color Clear
Adhesion gf/25 mm 20 ± 3 ASTM D 1000
Resistance Adhesive Ω/25 mm ASTM D 257
Backing Max. 10e5 ~ 10e8
Electrostatic Discharge sec Max. 0.1
Size mm, m 1000~1200 mm × 100 m, 200 m


  How to apply the film on the surface effectively

1. Keep the surface free of dust, dirts, moisture, etc.
2. Measure the area where the film is applied and cut the film with extra 1~3 cm.
3. Prepare spray bottle with purity water mixing water-soluble detergent, like shampoo(8~10 drops of detergent for 1 litter water).
4. Spray the prepared water on the surface to make the surface wet and slippery.
5. Remove the releasing sheet from the film and also spray the water on the adhesive area of the film.
6. Attach the film on the surface from the center of the area and press the film out from the center to edge sides smoothly several times
by using of a flat and soft scoop until the moisture and the air bubbles are completely removed.
7. Cut the film fitting in the surface perfectly. Please do not press or wipe edge side strongly until the margin of the film is cut-off
* Please do not press or wipe edge side strongly until the margin of the film is cut-off
* Please do not use any kinds of chemicals and solvents for cleaning.
* Use very soft wiper with water soluble detergent for surface cleaning.



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