ESD Mouse Pad

Item Code M20S-001 M20S-002
Size 1.4(T)×170×210 mm 1.4(T)×200×250 mm
Material Top: Microfiber ESD fabric
Bottom: Conductive rubber
Color Dark Blue / Black
Surface Resistance Top: 10e6 ~ 10e7 ohm
Bottom: 10e4 ~ 10e5 ohm
  • Made of ESD microfiber fabric & Conductive NBR Rubber
  • Excellent ESD properties
  • Dual layer structure
  • Embossed bottom
  • Easy Mouse operating
  • Smooth surface
  • ESD logo printed
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ESD Mouse Pad

Item Code M20S-003
Material Black Lycra Fabric + PU Gel
Color Black
Surface Resistance  10e5 ~ 10e8 ohm


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