Item Code C01S-001
Top pH indicator coated
Backing Modified PE Barrier Film
Surface Solvent resistant adhesive
Standard Size 130µm, 50mm × 50m


This is a Chem Safety Tape, which is used to cover the joints of protective cloth in order to detect chemical substances immediately from being touched, splashed or leaked. This tape will play a major role in protecting
workers from chemical burns and injuries, even death.

Characteristics & Usage

* Used to detect exposure of any acid and alkali on the surface of protective cloth
* Acid is shown in red and Alkali is shown in blue on exposure, giving an immediate alert to the workers
* Excellent detection of Sulfuric Acid (H₂SO₄) & Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)
* Used to cover joints of chemical protective cloth, headgears, gloves and boots
* Very flexible and easy to tear with bare hands, providing high convenience to the workers





Item Code C01S-100
Backing OPP Film
Surface  pH Indicator coated Non woven with Acrylic adhesive
Standard Size 250µm (OPP film), 10/25mm × 35m


* Used to cover the gap of pipes to monitor chemical leakage from inside





Item Code C01S-200
Top Release Paper
Backing ESD Cleanroom Fabric with pH indicator coated
Surface Acrylic adhesive
Standard Size 180µm (fabric), 20mm × 35m


* Used to cover surface of cloth to monitor chemical exposure