3 Layer Static Dissipative Mat

3 Layer Static Dissipative Mat

Polstar ESD Antifatigue Mats are suitable for assembly lines and other workplaces, where the long-standing jobs are frequently required, to reduce individual workers' fatigue from their jobs. Round shape rugged surface provides a finger-pressure therapy effect on feet, and also, PU material used as a cushion makes physical workers comfortable by helping to release the stress of the legs. They not only
have a good function to relieve the stress of the legs, but also give a quick pathway for the static electricity, charged in human body, to ground.

Polstar ESD Antifatigue Mats are available with 3 types by theirs materials used Type A and E are made of conductive NBR(Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber) and soft PU(Polyurethane) sponge, Type B is made of 100% PU material, and Type C and D(Interlocking design) are made of 100% conductive NBR.

On the other hand, they are also classified with 2 kinds, normal shape and interlocking design, by their designs. The normal shape is suitable for individual workers, while the interlocking design is ideal for wider area, where a certain whole place is required as "Antifatigue Zone" thanks to the mechanism of easy extension to each 4 direction.
ESD Antifatigue Mat

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3 layer Static Dissipative Mat consists of smooth top,cushioning bottom dissipative vinyl layer and conductive grid mesh inner layer, which provides fast discharge path to ground and energy absorption of components susceptible to physical shock by its unique structure.


  • Light weight provides easy installation on workstations
  • Easy to pick up small components on the mat.
  • Excellent electrical properties and performance.
  • Carbon free constructions.
  • Easy cleaning with normal soap and water without affecting its static dissipative properties3layer 작은 사진
Material PVC + conductive grid mesh + foamed PVC
Thickness mm 3.50%
Width Inch, cm 24″36″48″, 90cm, 100cm, 120cm
Length m 10, 15
Color Light, Grey, Green
RTG Ω 10e7~8
RTT Ω 10e7~8
Max 90