Wound Semi-Absolute Depth Filter Cartridge

Item Code M05K-000


COMBO I was developed for the high viscose liquid industries and the magnetic coating industry. It is the first true absolute depth filter made. Its constructions are unique in that feature a capture mechanism of the main media as polypropylene melt blown sheet, fiber glass sheet and viscous rayon sheet.


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  • Featuring a graded density matrix of main media, so they provide high contaminant holding capacity.
  • Available in a wide range of materials and micron rating.
  • Absolute micron rating from 1.4 micron to 9.5 micron and eight micron ratings.
  • The kinds of wound media materials are polypropylene, blenched cotton.
  • Advanced develop filter media assure fiber migration control and non-contamination of filtrate.
  • Minimized leakage of fiber, used inner core cover.
  • Manufactured according to the rules of ISO 9001 Quality Control system.




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