Non-Woven Semi-Absolute Depth Filter Cartridge

Item Code M06K-000


COMBO II is one of the best economical high purity filter cartridges available. No surfactants or binders are contained, which are to interrupt product quality or cause foaming and thermally bonded non-woven fiber constructions provide superior filtration and often eliminate the need for circulation to achieve product clarity.

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  • Featuring a graded density matrix of all polypropylene fibers, they provide consistent filtration for the wide variety of fluids.
  • Continuous fiber matrix prevents media migration and ensures consistent production yield and overall quality function performance.
  • Fixed pore structure provides efficient integrity and optimum particle retention.
  • It is useful for high temperature and high pressure process by using inner core.
  • Absolute micron rating and five removal ratings 4.5, 6, 10, 20, 40 micron.
  • In cartons, sealed in single poly bags.
  • Manufactured according to the rules of ISO 9001 Quality Control system.


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