Clean Paper

Polstar Clean Paper is specially designed for writing, printing and photocopying in Cleanroom environments. Through a polymerization process, fiber lint and particulates are tightly bound to each other. This reduces electrostatic buildup and ultimately minimizes the scrap rate of the copy paper. Polstar Clean Paper provides a variety of colors, sizes and weights.

  • Low Talc
  • Recyclable
  • Clear writing
  • Double packing (Single packing – option) in cleanroom
  • Ultra-low particle generation, extractable chemical substances and metallic ion content
  • High opacity and durability
  • Good tear and tensile strength
  • Smooth feeding and superior toner adherence in laser printers and PPC copiers

Product Enquiry


Item Code Product Weight (g) Size (mm) Packing
M01S-000 Clean Paper 72
A3 420×297 250 sheets/pk, 5 pks/ctn
A4 210×297 250 sheets/pk, 10 pks/ctn
A5 210×148 250 sheets/pk, 20 pks/ctn
B4 257×364 250 sheets/pk, 5 pks/ctn
B5 182×257 250 sheets/pk, 10 pks/ctn
Full Size 645×900 9 sheets of A4 size are available
850×900 12 sheets of A4 size are available
Clean Paper (Roll type) 2”, 3” (core)×30~1600 mm(W)
×30~10,000 m(L)

* Color: White, S. Blue, R. Blue, L. Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange


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