Activated Carbon Depth Filter Cartridge

Item Code M08K-000


CLEAN A is the industry standard for specialized industrial and consumer water treatment applications.

Activated carbon has been found to extremely effective in reducing or removing organic chemicals, THM’s PCB’s and other similar halogenated organic compounds, as well as bad taste and odor.

PT-ATC, activated carbon filter is designed and developed to serve as dual purpose filter for carbon treatment as well as dusts for various fluids and liquids. There are 2 kinds of activated carbon cartridges in PT-ATC. One is a Depth Activated Carbon (D.A.C) and the other is an Activated Carbon Fiber (A.C.F).

PT-ATC can be applied to general housing easily by standard cartridge size.

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Depth Activated Carbon (D.A.C)

  • Depth carbon’s raw material is similar to General Activated Carbon (G.A.C.)
  • Finery pulverized carbon powder blended with cellulose.
  • Higher density and effective area than G.A.C.
  • Higher absorption efficiency than G.A.C.

Activated Carbon Fiber (A.C.F)

  • Produced by burning or activating organic fiber
  • Vast area of average covering and regular and fine process.
  • High speed for absorption and detachment, more than twice compared to granular and sinks.
  • Resistance of absorption movement into and out of adsorbents minimized because of small diameters


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